• Dreamer Beta - Case

    Dreamer Beta - Case

    First test assembly of the new printer
  • Dreamer Side View

    Dreamer Side View

  • Case Logo

    Case Logo

  • Dreamer Beta Printing

    Dreamer Beta Printing

    One of the first prints with the new printer.
  • Printing Captain America Shield

    Printing Captain America Shield

  • The Dreamer - Rumba Board

    The Dreamer - Rumba Board

  • Dreamer Power Switch

    Dreamer Power Switch

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Hello World!

For the past year I have been hard at work designing and testing a 3d printer.  I had a couple of goals in mind for the printer.  

  1. It should be upgradable.  Not everyone is going to have the resources to dive into 3d printing and be able to afford all the bells and whistles.  
  2. It will be reasonably priced.  Most companies who have 3d printers in the market have increased their price points.
  3. It must be simple to assemble.  Anyone who is getting into printing wants to build things themselves.  I am not going to make a put slot A into side B simple, but I am going to remove the hurtle and frustrations of having a printer that is to complicated.

With all this in mind, I have designed the bed to be upgradable from a 21.9 cm² x 30cm to a 30cm³ bed.  The printer will be capable of 100 micron prints and can using PLA, PLA/PHA and ABS.

In the next month I will be launching my printer, The Dreamer. 

I see this printer in the hands of schools, and people, printing whatever they design or scavenge on the internet.