When I had the idea to create this company, I was relatively new to 3d Printing.  What I didn't know then was considerable, but I have spent years researching and designing, building and failing.  I have built dozens of printers and derivitives in my spare time, and I had come to a conclusion.  3D printing was challenging, and not set up for people to suceed.

Printing has never been a popular choce.  Originally, writtin print was scribed by individuals, page by page.  The advent of the printing press in around 1000 changed the speed in which people could get information out to the world.  This led to the ability to quickly and cheaply, copy works of anyone.  This angered the authors of the time as though they were reaching a larger audience, they were not getting paid for their contributions as they felt they should.  So bans were put on who could own a press.

Jump forward to today and we are seeing that same predjudice with the 3d printers.  The technology most people are using is almost 50 years old, but because of patents and no company wanting to give people the ability to create their own idea's for little money, it has been kept from being mainstream.

I have been working with a design that will allow the users to easily understand the design and method behind the 3d printers, a very simple build platform that will allow most people to build one in a hour or two.  All at a very reasonable price.

We are based out of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.