One of the first items you want to print is your dreamer roll mount.  You can see how that works here:

Once this is printed, you can further configure your printer settings with the essentials calibration set.  All of your settings should be spot on, as I have done this for all the printers.


Basic Gcode Commands:

G1 x0 y0 z0  - The G1 command tells your printer to go, typing in a axis after it tells it where you want to go, in this case, 0 for X, Y, and Z axis.

G92 z0 - The G92 command tells your printer to set it's base value.  In this case, it would set your Z-Axis to 0 wherever the Z axis currently is.  It will not move the axis.


All STL files for this printer can be found at the link below

Dreamer STL Files

Download this file (The Dreamer Roll Mount.stl)The Dreamer Roll Mount[ ]86 kB
Download this file ( Calibration Set by Coasterman[]65 kB